Social Media Advertising

Build an audience to drive web traffic and increase inbound leads.

Social media advertising provides ultimate opportunities for reaching potential customers than ever before.

You can reach your potential customer on Twitter, Instagram, and/or other platforms with social media advertising. Social ads assist you showing your customers that you’re the right choice by guiding them to your informative content. Once they believe in what you say and build a trust with you, the opportunity for conversion increases tenfold.

Social media advertising is growing fast, and that’s to your advantage. Social media advertisings are often integrated right into the newsfeed of your potential buyers, making them appear like any other content shared by friends. This benefits you because viewers see it as valuable content, not just an ad.  Once you know how valuable these Social ads are, how to create them in the right way – and have more potential customers to convert – your investment in social ads will begin to pay off.

Tasweaq can help you get into the mind of your customer, recognize how they use social media, and develop a powerful social media advertising strategy that will really work. Once your message ads had implanted in the right way, our expert social marketers will use your paid social ads to get your ads in front of audiences who will click, engage, and convert to leads.

Tasweaq’s social media strategies will help you build organic content that lasts on your pages, keeping people interested and engaged; and pushing paid content through different marketing channels that grow your audience, so more people see that your content on your page. By creating an dynamic and engaged ecosystem online, your social presence can become an important channel to increase lead generation and awareness to your business.


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