Pay-per-click Advertising

Let your customers find you with pay-per-click advertising.

With PPC advertising, potential customers who look for your service or product, they you will be able to find you.

Ages ago, companies were listed in the yellow page’s book – when someone was looking for your services, they could find you easily in that large phone book. Nowadays, like so many things, the way of finding your business is changed, it’s not that simple anymore. The way the search engines index your website changes all the time, and to stay on top of these changes is a full-time job. Fortunately, Tasweaq has made it thier full-time job to do just that.

There are uncountable potential customers are looking for your services or products, and they rely on searching the web to help them for your services or products. Our pay-per-click techniques can help fill your sales funnel with qualified leads by listing you in front of your potential customer at the top of their search results and on websites that are relevant to your business.

Tasweaq has demonstrated proficiency in the campaigns we run across different platforms and industries. Tasweaq’s digital advertising campaigns have delivered greater results – above average click through rates, high view-through conversations, and maximum impressions within budgets. We are proud of our results that we get for customers –, we have even had some clients stops our campaigns because our campaigns generated great results that they were too busy.

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